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6. Workshops and psychological trainings

Our company offers classes for mixed groups. Influence assumes use of many different methods of work such as discussion, lecture, psychoeducation, brainstorming, entertainment, psychological tests. We can offer workshops related to different topic, for example:


Soft skills training such as motivation, self – esteem, assertiveness, effective communication. The aim is to help in progress of functioning and increase a level of students knowledge in given topic.

Integration classes, which help students become more familiar with each other inside the group. Other aims are to diagnose the group roles and progress of cooperation and communication.

Preventive classes – help to prevent wrong attitudes in group, diagnose of problems, capability and resources of group.


We kindly invite companies and corporations, schools and non-governmental organisations. We create every training individually, depending on needs of group or institution. Classes are taking place in our headquarters or in place chosen by our customers. Also a few days lasting outbound trainings can be organise.

Furthermore, we add consultations with team leaders to every class, during which an information about a group, its threats and opportunities is given. In case of finding problems we offer psychologic advices and information about where to look for professional help. We can also offer Communication Videotraining for a group in order to increase communication or education with dog.