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Psychological Counselling Centre „Fren” is a cozy and peaceful place located in the very heart of Cracow. Staff of the Centre consists of specialists skilled in clinical issues and crisis intervention.
We offer the highest standard and wide range of psychological counselling. Centre is equipped with
- Psychological doctor's office
- Plenty of psychological tests for kids and adults
- Children’s place to play
- Educational And animators stuff
- Well trained, handicapped kids friendly, therapeutic dog
- Modern stuff to work with families in Videotraining Communication method
- Training and exercises supply.

We invite families with children, young and adults in need of help in struggle with everyday’s life problems such as:
- Interpersonal difficulties
- Mental discomfort
- Emotional problems such as chronic lower mood
- Worrying psychosomatic signs (without medical basis)
- Mental disorders (depression, phobia, eating disorder)
- Personality disorders
- Crisis situations (accidents, trauma, mourning)
- Handicap or chronic illness in family
- Risky attitudes
- Problems with defining aims and sense of life
- Personal development.

For our patients good we regularly supervise our work in Krakowskie Centrum Psychodynamiczne.