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Our company serves a range of psychological services for mixed group of people: adults, kids, young, families and groups.

In every case we propose from one to three introductory consultations, in order to determine person need and expectations, and also to give an information about possible form of our help. Such Consultation doesn’t oblige person to choose our service. Referral to other specialist also may take place.
During psychological consultation we are able to make a full diagnose. We have psychological tests and ability to use them in the most professional way. Among many other things, we examine:
- Intelligence quotient of adults and children
- Level of children’s mental development
- Personality
- Temperament
- Level of fear

  • 1. Individual psychotherapy

    Psychotherapy is a form of healing. It can have a different aims. What is more, that aims can be changed aims during a therapy depending on needs of person. Some examples:

    • Improvement of mood
    • Removal of symptoms (fear, obsessive thoughts, compulsive behaviors, phobias, somatic symptoms)
    • A change in attitude
    • A change in personality
    • Personal development
    • Improvement of interpersonal relations.

    Finding out psychological reasons of disorders, which is an aim of psychotherapy, is a long term process. Psychotherapy may last for one and maybe even a few years.
    In our Psychological Counselling Centre we work according to psychodynamic psychotherapy methodology, which bases mostly on Psychoanalysis. In our work we are driven by psychodynamic psychotherapist axiology, created by Krakowskie Centrum Psychodynamiczne.
    We invite to our psychotherapy:

    • Adults: therapy of disorders related to fear, personal disorders and psychosis.
    • Young and children: in order to learn child’s mental world we use games, special psychological tests and many more ways, including plastic materials.
    • People who speak French or English – we invite foreigners from western culture. According to psychodynamic psychotherapist axiology, which says that psychodynamic psychotherapy is a type of ethnocentric healing, trying to heal a person from outside of our culture would be unethical.
  • 2. Crisis intervention

    A type of short term help. In most cases there are from 6 to 10 meetings. Every session last for 50 minutes and takes place once in a week. Main goal is to help solving a crisis situation in person’s life. The reasons of crisis can be a situation from outside (for example death of close person, an accident, loss of job) or inner changes made be personal development (for example change of role in society). Crisis may occur in everybody’s life, at any time. Our role is to help a patient become even stronger after facing crisis than he was before it.

  • 3. Communication Videotraining (VIT)

    Method created by dutch psychotherapist Harry Biemans in eighties in order to improve communication in family. It can be used in schools or in companies where communication between leader and team is very important.
    Method consists on preparing a number of video films (5 – 8) with discussion about every of them. Trainee films patient in his everyday situations and then they watch the movie together. This gives a clear information to patient which of his behaviors result in creation of positive relations and solving the problem. What is more, patient can see how other people react to his attitude. Very effective and short term method.

  • 4. Therapy Dog

    A therapy with well trained dog. It can be use as preventive method (to counter disorders or to stop deepening of development disorders), development stimulation and correction of already existing disorders. This method can be use in work with handicapped children as a assistance of rehabilitation, with children with emotional shortfalls and with older people as a form of psychoeducation. Dog increases a motivation to work, helps in dealing with some kind of exercises, but first of all – he helps to establish a relationship, which is very important in process of therapy. One session lasts 45 minutes.

  • 5. Education with dog

    his refers mostly to kindergartens and primary schools. It consist of performing educational classes for kids in school or in kindergarten with trained therapy dog. The main goal is to increase children awareness of safety in contact with animals, dog’s body language and responsibilities related to having a pet at home. A presence of dog makes classes very attractive to children. Duration – 45 minutes.

  • 6. Workshops and psychological trainings

    Our company offers classes for mixed groups. Influence assumes use of many different methods of work such as discussion, lecture, psychoeducation, brainstorming, entertainment, psychological tests. We can offer workshops related to different topic, for example:


    Soft skills training such as motivation, self – esteem, assertiveness, effective communication. The aim is to help in progress of functioning and increase a level of students knowledge in given topic.

    Integration classes, which help students become more familiar with each other inside the group. Other aims are to diagnose the group roles and progress of cooperation and communication.

    Preventive classes – help to prevent wrong attitudes in group, diagnose of problems, capability and resources of group.


    We kindly invite companies and corporations, schools and non-governmental organisations. We create every training individually, depending on needs of group or institution. Classes are taking place in our headquarters or in place chosen by our customers. Also a few days lasting outbound trainings can be organise.

    Furthermore, we add consultations with team leaders to every class, during which an information about a group, its threats and opportunities is given. In case of finding problems we offer psychologic advices and information about where to look for professional help. We can also offer Communication Videotraining for a group in order to increase communication or education with dog.